Greenacre Independent Living

Greenacre Independent Living provides fully accessible, independent living accommodation for adults with learning disabilities and those who require assistance and support.

We have brought together a team of specialists to design, engineer and assemble low cost modular housing, that is affordable, self-contained and sustainable.

This accommodation is made available across the UK to local authorities, charities and other care providers where there is urgent demand or where demand is anticipated in the future. Our approach increases the speed and availability of supported housing to help meet this pressing social need and deliver a long-term solution.

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Case Study

The Case for Change

There are 1.4 million people in the UK who have learning disabilities. Only a small percentage of these receive any support from the government. Most are supported by families, friends, charities and care providers.

While the majority of people with learning disabilities live with their parents, their needs change and become more important as they get older.

Some will need shared houses with common facilities as they transit to independent living. Others may prefer to have their own flat with their own front door. Some people may have both a learning and physical disability. In short their needs vary.

Greenacre Independent Living aims to provide the right accommodation to match their needs.

“The supply of high quality homes for those with learning disabilities has simply failed to keep up with the demand and failed to respond to changing needs.”

Lord Wei, Greenacre Capital Chairman.